Willerby Caravans

Founded more than 75 years ago, we have an unrivalled reputation for quality, design and innovation. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our highly skilled and dedicated team are passionate about creating superior living spaces for our customers.


From £26,950


From £52,065 £42,950


From £29,950


From £100,904 £74,995


From £39,637

Modern Willerby caravans are spacious and luxurious holiday homes, packed full of comfort and style with a wide range of luxury features including walk-in wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms available as standard in many of our homes. Our homes are built to the highest standard to ensure a great experience for owners, listening to their feedback to understand what matters to them. This is why all Willerby caravans come with our Willerby GreEN Standard for better insulation and efficiency.

Every owner’s needs and requirements are unique so we ensure our caravans can be too. With a wide range of optional extras available on every model, you can choose the extras that you need and not pay for the ones you don’t need. Built by a team of master craftspeople working in our factory, Willerby caravans are packed with clever, thoughtful design and features with a wide range of options and colours to choose from to ensure they never feel cramped.

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Carnaby Caravans

The Carnaby Caravans Carnaby Standard encapsulates our brand of unmistakable quality, it’s underfoot, within the walls and visually present. More than style or a set of features, it’s our values – woven into the fabric of every holiday home we craft.

The Carnaby Standard is the mark by which all others will be compared. The Carnaby Standard is comprised of 3 core principles – Intrinsic Quality, Unparalleled Comfort and Thoughtful Design.


From £24,995


From £54,995


From £42,283


From £42,950


From £37,728


From £69,499

First-class craftsmanship is at the heart of Carnaby Caravans. Throughout each and every holiday home, you’ll find stylish, well-designed, solid furniture built to handle everyday life. Combined with quality fixtures, fittings and appliances, Carnaby Caravans exude the qualities of a holiday home crafted to the very highest standard. 

Carnaby Comfort is a set of comfort standards that means that unparalleled comfort is a key component of each and every Carnaby Caravan. From seating that offers industry-leading comfort levels, mattresses that guarantee a restful night’s sleep, carefully coordinated furnishings and soft, high-quality vinyl flooring, it’s easy to always feel at home in a Carnaby Caravan.

Built on user feedback and lived experiences, every Carnaby combines great design, craftsmanship and genuine common sense to create well-thought-out living spaces. Our design team seamlessly blends style and practicality to create a Carnaby Holiday Home from thoughtful use of colour, pattern and tone to convenient socket locations for uninterrupted power whether you are working or playing.

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Second Hand Static Caravans and Pre Owned Static Caravans For Sale

View the range of pre-owned second hand used static caravans ordered by price from low to high available through the UK Caravan Centre. Our range is ordered by price allowing you to view our lowest cost caravans available now in stock at our sales centres in Essex. The low to high price selection allows you to view the lowest cost caravans that we have in stock today without an upper limit on the price, this allows you to find a used static caravan within a limited budget range and to see what’s on offer with ease.

If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, please get in touch as our stock is changing daily ….


From £24,995 £19,995


From £24,995


From £25,995


From £37,995

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Thinking of buying a Holiday Home and siting it in a holiday park but don’t know where to start? The UK Caravan Centre can assist you with the entire buying process from an informal chat and the very first look at our brochure to the installation of your new holiday home on site and handing over the keys.

Our friendly team are committed to helping you find your dream holiday home and ensuring you find the perfect holiday park to site it on. Our passion for delivering friendly and straightforward customer service can be felt at every step of the journey to your new dream home, with our ambition to strive to create a high standard of customer experience. We pride ourselves on our warm and friendly approach so please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, we will be happy to help.

With a wide range of holiday parks located in a variety of regions across the UK, we’re sure our team can help you find the perfect location to site your new dream holiday home.


Click on the map below to view the parks or use the filters to search


Search Results Below:

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All the pros and cons of a static caravan on a holiday park 


Owning a static caravan is a dream for many people, the idea of being able to go on holiday whenever you like to a place that you have made into a second home is a lovely idea. As with any big purchase or investment, there are points to consider first, especially when it comes to buying a static caravan, there are many pros and cons.


The benefits of owning a static caravan


Location: Buying a static caravan somewhere that you love going and staying, means you can go there more often, really whenever you want. So, the flexibility and privilege of being able to go on a holiday or short break whenever you fancy it is a massive bonus. There is no need to book or check in and check out like with a hotel or bed and breakfast.


Meet friendly, likeminded people: One of the great benefits of owning a static caravan in a holiday park is meeting likeminded people just like you.  People tend to make firm friends at caravan parks because you get to know your neighbours, and everyone is after a similar quality of holiday and relaxation, so a sense of community is often built. There are different types of parks that cater to different needs, so for example if you have a family and young child, you can choose somewhere that has adequate facilities and where other young families are. Similarly, if you are older, want to relax more and enjoy the peace and solitude that can come with caravan holidays, then there are parks that will offer this as well and be more appropriate.


Quality guaranteed: Because the static home is yours, and is indeed a home away from home, you know what condition it will be in and how clean and well-kept it will be. This is a big bonus and also means there will be no unpleasant surprises.


Rental income: It is possible to rent out your static caravan, and therefore earn a second income whilst the caravan is not being used by you. This isn’t for everyone, as most people prefer to keep it for their use only, and you would have to check with the caravan park that it is ok, but some people do it and earn some extra money this way.


Making memories: Whilst the initial investment in a static caravan can seem a lot, try not to lose sight of why you are making the purchase. The ability to make memories with your family and go on holiday whenever you like is arguably priceless and think of the money you will save in the long term on holidays and hotels as well.


The downside of owning a static caravan 


Whilst all the above points are true, there are things to really think about before you make your purchase – financial and practical points. For example:


Costs: Whilst you have the cost of purchasing the caravan itself, there are also lots of annual costs that you need to factor in. These include:

2023 Willerby Vogue Classique lodge static caravan mobile home exterior cladding

  • Site fees: This is what enables you to house your static caravan at the caravan park. These can vary dramatically from £2,000 a year to £10,000 a year or more. However, do not fall into the pitfall of just going for the cheapest one, as it may not be right for your needs, so some time to research what site is best for you and the cost associated with it will be needed.
  • Maintenance costs: For example, you will need to pay for gas and electricity, which you usually need to buy from the caravan park itself. It’s important to know that this does not come as part of the site fee which some people initially think it does, so this is an additional cost.
  • Repairs: You should factor in the cost of repairs every year. Whilst hopefully there wouldn’t be many, the UK weather can be unpredictable, so some weather damage may happen for example. Having a kitty for any repairs is a sensible move.
  • Insurance: Static caravan insurance is not a legal requirement, but it really does make sense to consider getting it. Even as an additional cost it can still give you peace of mind, especially as your static caravan will have your valuables and contents in it when you are there. Similarly, the insurance policy can provide peace of mind when you are not at the caravan as well.


The same location: You could feel tied in to going to the caravan for your holidays so that you get the most from your investment. It may be that after a while you want a change of scenery or want to go on a completely different holiday but feel restricted by owning the static caravan and the associated costs. This is one of the reasons you need to give it some serious thought and make sure that the park that houses your caravan is somewhere you really want to stay and keep going back to.


Making friends: Whilst lots of people do get on with their static caravan neighbours, because you want a similar type of holiday, you may also simply not get on and may not want to socialise with them for example. This is just something to consider as it can happen from time to time.


Depreciation: Caravan depreciation is a complex issue. They do depreciate and at an average of 15% a year, very much like a car. This is one reason why many seasoned caravan owners say it is best to not look at the caravan as an investment that you can sell on and make a profit from, more that it will provide a great way to create memories and have enjoyable holidays over the years. There is nothing you can do to stop the depreciation; the best thing is to just keep it in good condition and well maintained so it looks as fresh as possible.


Selling your static caravan: This is something that can be particularly tricky for many reasons. Firstly, some caravan parks insist on having first refusal if you plan to sell. This could mean that you end up selling for a price that you aren’t happy with, but unfortunately this is something that can often pop up in caravan site contracts, so it is worth looking into this before you sign, just so you know what you are dealing with.


To get a no biased price check out https://sellmystatichome.co.uk/ as they can also be difficult to sell because some caravan parks will not allow caravans on site that are over ten years old for example, so this means passing it on can be difficult. Also because of the depreciation point we mention above, it is very unlikely you will make a profit from selling a caravan on as well.


Hopefully the points to think about in this article will help you on your static caravan purchasing journey, but always take your time to think through the pros, cons and costs and think about insuring your caravan to provide peace of mind. Get in touch with the UK Caravan Centre, to discuss any of your purchase choices: or check out of our homes by clicking here.



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Atlas Lodge

Atlas Caravans & Lodges

An amazing holiday you will never forget, a family adventure like no other! Choosing a holiday home should be the start of an exciting voyage.


On 3rd April 1973, Atlas Caravan Company was founded. Through the years, many things have changed and evolved, but the Atlas name has always remained.

Present day, we are very proud of what the business stands for and the journey it has taken to reach this current destination. With a 500-strong workforce of mainly local people, across two sites in a city Atlas calls home. We only want to grow further and deliver more to our people and customers alike. Driven by strong interiors and conceptual design cues, structural integrity and a reputation for delivering a high quality product has established Atlas as a market leader.

The ranges feature contemporary fabrics, stylish fittings and an array of practical features, all complemented by stunning exterior appearances ensuring that we have something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Atlas Caravans believe; because the little things matter, our portfolio of holiday homes offers a handpicked and bespoke selection of some of the finest products.

Each and every model is handcrafted from our head office and manufacturing facility in Hull where meticulous care and attention is taken to ensure that you get the absolute best from your holiday home to enable you to create memories and have unforgettable experiences that are more than simply holidays!


From £36,721 £29,994


From £67,747 £42,995

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credit Atlas 

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Please see our guide for Static Caravan Drain down :

We’re a hardy bunch, us Brits!  Whether you love or loathe the chilly winters, they never fail to keep us on our toes, and it’s always wise to stay one step ahead of Jack Frost.

Winter; Static Caravan; Drain Down

The British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) have published an invaluable guide (by John Rowley of Morco Products) on how to prepare your holiday home for winter, to avoid frost damage by Draining Down your Static Caravan.

Whilst primarily aimed at providing guidance to Holiday Homes on parks, there is a wealth of in-depth information that is also hugely significant to static caravan owners themselves, whether full-time residents or part-time holidaymakers.

Unused static caravans can be vulnerable to damage caused by the cold, including flooding or escape of water. Frozen pipes, condensation, mildew and wildlife infestations are common problems that people come back to after leaving a static caravan for the winter.

In many cases, flooding (or other ‘escape of water’) in static caravans will be caused by old piping, storm damage, etc. One of the biggest dangers is frost-related damage to water installations, resulting in failed boilers and subsequent escape in water.

Not only is this a worry for you as the caravan owner, but also if you have not drained down your static caravan properly, you may not be covered by your insurance. This is especially the case at cold temperatures at which anti-freeze is unlikely to be effective.

Follow our guidance below to ensure you have drained down your caravan properly and prevent a claim that cannot be covered and potentially thousands of pounds you would have to pay.

Holiday Home drain down kit

To drain down and winterise your caravan to avoid the risk of flooding / escape of water, you don’t need much in terms of equipment. We recommend using the following:

  • Antifreeze
  • Old newspaper
  • Some bowls
  • Salt or silica gel
  • WD40

How to drain down a static caravan

To ensure your pipes will not freeze, you need to drain down your caravan before the park closes and the frosty weather hits. Draining down a static caravan is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Before turning off the water supply, lift the lid on the toilet cistern, flush the toilet and as the cistern refills, add anti-freeze in roughly 3 of water and 1 of antifreeze proportions.
  2. Next remove the shower hose and shower head as these could be damaged if any water left in them freezes.
  3. The final step in your static caravan drain down is to turn off your water supply from the drain down valve (stopcock) and run your taps through until no water is left in the pipes.


The full article is contained in the images linked below (pages 1-8), and if you’d like to call us we can be reached on 0800 246 1206.

Page 1

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 Bring your loves ones closer…… 

We are pleased to offer Disabled | Adapted Homes;  which have been specifically designed for the enjoyment of our customers with additional accessibility needs and their families.

Wheelchair Adapted Mobile Homes

uk caravan centre family accessible disabled

At the UK Caravan Centre we  understand not all disabilities are the same, so please call us on 08002461206 to talk through your requirements with a member of our knowledgeable, friendly team.

Annexe Accommodation

If you are wanting to move your loved one closer, a static caravan is an affordable and comfortable choice…. We have a wide range of homes that can be adapted at the UK Caravan Centre (click here to see our range) or at our sister website www.landscapeliving.co.uk

If you would like to visit our showground in Billericay, please let us know if you have any specific access requirements in advance of your visit and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Disabled Holidays

Check out Disabled Holidays – With the largest choice of accessible holidays in the UK and abroad plus cruise, we have something for everyone. Our easily searchable directory will enable you to find wheelchair friendly holidays and accommodation for people with limited mobility or even pet friendly properties for people with hearing or visual impairments. We also take great care in arranging holidays for people with terminal illnesses understanding the privilege and weight of responsibility that comes with providing this service to the highest standard.

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Cliff House Holiday Caravan Park At The UK Caravan Centre, we provide static caravans and lodges for every occasion, including the perfect holiday home allowing you to relax and unwind and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Whether you are looking to locate your holiday home by the lakes or beaches or simply in the middle of the countryside to get away from it all, our extensive network of contacts will enable us to identify the perfect park for you.

If you  have been wanting to purchase a holiday home for some time but have been delaying as you thought it would be too complex or stressful, there really is no need to delay; we take care of all practicalities and planning so that you don’t have to worry.

You can simply sit back and look forward to spending your very first holiday in your own luxury home.

Get in touch now and let us find the perfect holiday accommodation for you.

Let us do the hard work so you don’t have to

Eastern Beach Caravan Holiday ParkPro’s and Con’s of Owning a Static Caravan on a Holiday Home Park

Pros to owning a static caravan

You feel like you’re on holiday

You leave your life admin at home

Being able to leave your belongings in your caravan makes weekends away so easy

Getting to know the area really makes it feel like a second home

Leaving food and drink in the fridge and freezer makes it even easier to get away

You can add personal touches like flowers in your garden, decorate your caravan and add your photos and trinkets

You can leave equipment like fishing rods, bikes, scooters, surf boards, kayaks, boats etc.

It’s simple living at its finest

You can bring guests and allow family to use your static caravan

Getting to know your neighbours and feeling a sense of community around your caravan is lovely.

If you use it regularly, it’s great value for money.

There’s nothing stopping you using it for the entire season (ours is March-October)

A static caravan could be an additional income stream

There’s very little maintenance

It makes you appreciate your own home more

Cons to owning a static caravan on a Holiday Home Park

The price

Rentals can have downfalls

Each weekend away can be expensive

You end up with a double social life

Teenagers might not want to be away from their friends all the time

You’re stuck in one place

Would you rather have one holiday and two weekends away?

You do need to ‘winter proof’ your caravan

Credit :  TheTravelHack 

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Are you looking for Staff Accommodation for your business? Whatever your accommodation requirements, we offer fantastic solutions in the form of affordable static caravans and homes.

A affordable and convenient way to house your Staff.

Our staff accommodation is suitable for all types of business throughout the UK and we are always happy to work with you according to your budget to achieve the ideal home.

Whether you simply want us to supply the mobile home, or offer a complete installation, we are here to provide a stress free service that will leave you able to focus on your core profit centres.

On site mobile homes offer so many advantages for your business and your employees:

Safe and secure

On-site security – deterring intruders, avoiding financial loss with stolen equipment / livestock plus avoiding the disruption to your business operation

Accommodation at work is an attractive perk

With rent being so high, a lot of people would be attracted by the benefit of on-site accommodation, which diminishes the expensive, disruptive and annoyingly stressful problems that can occur when renting from a third party.

Fully Furnished: Most static caravans comes Fully Furnished, so offers a no fuss, turn key solution for your staff that will save time and money.

Staff will not have to travel to get to work, eliminating the need for vehicle and travel costs, and potentially allowing you to get more from your employees.

Click Here to go to view our  Range of Home’s 

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Annexe Accommodation : To bring Your Loved Ones Closer

Our annexe accommodation or sometimes referred as “Granny Annexe” allows you to be nearby your family and yet have totally privacy when you need it. Whether you are going from a off site Static Caravan or a Lodge, the UK Caravan Centre has you covered.

Affordable luxury living
With house prices being near an all time high, you will be able to achieve affordable luxury living with one of our modern luxury static caravans & lodges on offer.

They have so many uses; great for young adults saving for their own home, seniors looking to be close to the family or even those with disability needs that need tailored accommodation that affords total privacy.  Complete with central heating, double glazing, fitted kitchens and spacious lounges, when you buy a home from us we also help with planning and delivery.

Tailored to suit your family
Our annexe homes offer total flexibility, security, comfort and sophistication all in one beautiful package.  Depending upon how you want to use the granny annexe, we can guide you in the right direction, ensuring that the home that you choose is perfectly tailored to suit your needs.

Family : Bring Your Loved Ones Closer by Annexe Accommodation

We work to your budget
You decide on how many bedrooms you need and your budget for your Annexe’ and we will do the rest; interior fittings, furnishings, carpets and curtains. The UK Caravan Centre can advise on them all, guaranteeing that you receive the annexe home that is perfectly suited to your requirements.

If you are struggling for space and would like more information about our granny annexe accommodation, get in touch now.  You will find us helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.


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As many of our customers tell us time and time again, buying one of our mobile homes provides the perfect solution for temporary housing or longer-term accommodation for their Self Build.

Static caravan sited at a holiday park

Whether you simply want us to supply the mobile home, or offer a complete installation, we are here to provide a stress free service that will allow you to focus on your house project.

The many benefits of on-site mobile home living include:

Live in comfort

Building work is far more pleasant if you don’t have to live amongst the dust and mess within your building site every day. The chance to retire to a haven of peace and quiet every evening, complete with all mod cons, can be a particularly attractive option.

Save money

In most cases is a lot more cost effective than renting. With property rent at an all time high, and build projects normally taking longer than anticipated, mobile home living could save you thousands. And with no fixed term contracts you won’t feel under additional pressure to move back into your main home prematurely.

Buy Back Scheme  Furthermore, our Guaranteed Buy Back Price scheme enables you to make accurate project costings.

Family on holiday

Save time

No need to locate a suitable rental property and then go through the hassle of ‘moving house’. If you have pets, you may struggle to find a rental property at all. No time is lost travelling to and from your site.
Living on site provides a motivational force for the builders as progress on the self-build is constantly monitored, and enables you to be readily available for making instant decisions which often save time and money.


Living on site in your Static Caravan can allow you to sleep soundly knowing your property looks occupied to deter potential intruders on your self build project.

“As soon as we met the team at UK Caravan we knew we were in good hands. The team are incredibly knowledgeable and could answer the many questions and any of the concerns we had. Their professionalism outshone any of the other caravan retailers we had previously met and there was always someone available to speak to in the time it took our caravan to arrive and following the delivery. The quality of product that they suppled is proven, we have been living in our caravan for 8 months now whilst we complete a self-build and have not experienced any issues whatsoever.”

Tim & Iona Young

Click Here to go to view our Range of Home’s 


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Is your home uninhabitable through unforeseen circumstances – Insurance Claim?

Whether your house has suffered a flood, fire, or storm damage, we can quickly & easily provide you comfortable temporary accommodation to suit the all the family.

Our mobile homes offer all the modern conveniences you would require. Double glazing, central heating, inbuilt cookers, fully furnished if needed, plus much more. We can provide you with a range of mobile homes to choose from, making sure that your temporary living solution is as comfortable as possible, and right for you.

We can offer a full turn key service to minimise your stress:

  • Liaising with your insurance company / loss adjuster / loss assessor
  • Providing a selection of mobile homes for you to choose from – you can either view at our showground in Essex, or purchase from comprehensive photos via email
  • Delivering and installing your mobile home (including delivery, positioning, and connecting to services)
  • Offering a buy-back from the insurance company at the end of the use (with a pre-agreed price)

The many benefits of on-site mobile home living include:

  • Having experienced substantial trauma, you can eliminate any further hassle of having to find and move to another property in a separate location
  • If you have animals on site you will probably still need to be on site to look after them

  • Living on site allows you to sleep soundly knowing your property looks occupied to deter potential intruders.
  • Living on site provides a motivational force for builders as progress on the self-build is constantly monitored, and enables you to be readily available for making instant decisions, saving time and money.
    Living in comfort. Building work is far more pleasant if you don’t have to live amongst the dust and mess within your building site every day. The chance to retire to a haven of peace and quiet every evening, complete with all mod cons, can be a particularly attractive option.

Get in touch

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Delta Caravans

From Delta’s founding in 1983 to the present, Delta Caravans has had a commitment to quality, flexibility and customer service.

This is most evident in Delta homes is widely recognized leadership in flexibility. Flexibility that provides each and every Delta Manufactured Home customer the opportunity to put their own personal touches into their home. Delta takes pride in the fact that their excellent technology and skills allow them to be as flexible as their customers’ ideas, and at an affordable price.

Today Delta Caravans are one of the largest Caravan Manufacturers in the UK, exporting all around Europe. Delta are one of the few manufacturers that is still privately owned and is a family business. Based in Hull, England, Delta take pride in making all the Mobile Homes from scratch in their factory.


From £59,950 £44,995


From £32,495 £27,800


From £45,077 £35,975


From £98,026 £89,995


From £74,259


From £84,076


From £54,995


From £42,526


From £49,999


From £38,884


From £23,007


From £44,995

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