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Drain Down Advice Preparing for Winter

Please see our guide for Static Caravan Drain down :

We’re a hardy bunch, us Brits!  Whether you love or loathe the chilly winters, they never fail to keep us on our toes, and it’s always wise to stay one step ahead of Jack Frost.

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The British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) have published an invaluable guide (by John Rowley of Morco Products) on how to prepare your holiday home for winter, to avoid frost damage by Draining Down your Static Caravan.

Whilst primarily aimed at providing guidance to Holiday Homes on parks, there is a wealth of in-depth information that is also hugely significant to static caravan owners themselves, whether full-time residents or part-time holidaymakers.

Unused static caravans can be vulnerable to damage caused by the cold, including flooding or escape of water. Frozen pipes, condensation, mildew and wildlife infestations are common problems that people come back to after leaving a static caravan for the winter.

In many cases, flooding (or other ‘escape of water’) in static caravans will be caused by old piping, storm damage, etc. One of the biggest dangers is frost-related damage to water installations, resulting in failed boilers and subsequent escape in water.

Not only is this a worry for you as the caravan owner, but also if you have not drained down your static caravan properly, you may not be covered by your insurance. This is especially the case at cold temperatures at which anti-freeze is unlikely to be effective.

Follow our guidance below to ensure you have drained down your caravan properly and prevent a claim that cannot be covered and potentially thousands of pounds you would have to pay.

Holiday Home drain down kit

To drain down and winterise your caravan to avoid the risk of flooding / escape of water, you don’t need much in terms of equipment. We recommend using the following:

  • Antifreeze
  • Old newspaper
  • Some bowls
  • Salt or silica gel
  • WD40

How to drain down a static caravan

To ensure your pipes will not freeze, you need to drain down your caravan before the park closes and the frosty weather hits. Draining down a static caravan is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Before turning off the water supply, lift the lid on the toilet cistern, flush the toilet and as the cistern refills, add anti-freeze in roughly 3 of water and 1 of antifreeze proportions.
  2. Next remove the shower hose and shower head as these could be damaged if any water left in them freezes.
  3. The final step in your static caravan drain down is to turn off your water supply from the drain down valve (stopcock) and run your taps through until no water is left in the pipes.


The full article is contained in the images linked below (pages 1-8), and if you’d like to call us we can be reached on 0800 246 1206.

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