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Increasingly popular as a lifestyle choice, mobile homes offer today’s buyers a contemporary, cost-effective and comfortable housing option. Also known as manufactured or modular homes to reflect upgraded specifications, their unique advantages are attractive to single people, couples and families alike. If you are thinking of purchasing a static caravan, read on as we review the benefits that you could be enjoying.

1. Affordability.

Buyers who are looking for a practical housing solution without breaking the bank appreciate the economics of mobile home ownership. Indeed, the surprising affordability is one of the main positives. As well as the freedom from high mortgage payments, monthly outgoings are appreciably lower – good news if you are a first-time buyer.

2. Improved Standards.

Inside, modern mobile homes boast levels of luxury to compete with conventional home construction. Finished to high standards under strict quality control conditions, the newest models feature cutting edge materials such as solar panels, optional extra insulation and PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) water piping that performs well in winter.   The BS3632 residential specification ensures they are a comfortable and durable accommodation choice throughout all seasons.

Nowadays, modular home manufacturing is in controlled environments to ensure consistent quality and a smooth workflow. Fortunately, purchasers can be sure that construction and completion are not heavily dependent on weather conditions and building site subcontractors.

3. Choice of Designs and Styles.

Unquestionably, the latest mobile homes come in inspiring designs and an impressive selection of styles, whether for a permanent base (eg. annexe accommodation, staff accommodation etc.) or holiday accommodation. It is also hugely reassuring that generous manufacturers’ warranties provide peace of mind for new owners.

4. Suitable for New Homeowners.

After finishing education and starting a career, the lower costs of static caravan ownership mean that single units are a great option for individuals and couples. Straightforward maintenance tasks keep life simple, too.

5. Convenient for Families.

In contrast, growing families might decide to opt for practical double/twin units with customisable rooms. Parents and children can benefit from the nearby countryside, parkland and outdoor space or leisure facilities.

6. Flexible for Retirees.

Many owners who are reaching pensionable age appreciate the opportunity to have a change, live with increased flexibility and reduce expenses. Buying a mobile home is a canny decision, as it can also free up time for hobbies and leisure pursuits, as opposed to time-consuming house maintenance. In addition, those seeking a more leisurely pace can always pull up an armchair (or a deckchair) and enjoy relaxing views of the countryside.

7. Energy Conservation and the Environment.

Because they are pre-built before delivery to the site, without the frequent removal of raw materials, mobile homes produce only one-tenth of the waste that is typical of conventional housing construction methods. They are, therefore, an environmentally sound concept. Equally importantly, over the long term, the latest manufacturing techniques and materials promise impressive energy efficiency.

8. Health and Wellbeing.

As lifestyle gurus advise, the ability to live simply and with a ‘less-is-more’ attitude are good for one’s well being. Importantly, mobile home residents enjoy the positive effects of greater contact with the natural environment, sometimes in landscaped areas and always with outside space. Life is undoubtedly enhanced being away from the pollution and risks of traffic in built-up areas, while the physical and social environment tends to encourage activity and engagement with others.

9. Sense of Community.

Like-minded communities, grassland and parks with club facilities and occasional group activities mean that residents can benefit from a sense of belonging, should they wish. Moreover, although mobile homes do not have immediately adjoining properties above or below them, neighbours can and do keep a helpful eye out for each other.

10. Safety and Security.

Finally, owners will often mention feeling secure and able to live with their doors unlocked more than in traditional brick-builtneighbourhoods. A typical park layout with an internal network of relatively narrow roads and perimeter hedges or fences adds to the general security. Significantly, site residents usually recognise their neighbours, vehicles and even regular visitors, so outsiders tend to be quite noticeable.

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The UK Caravan Centre’s GDPR Policy

At The UK Caravan Centre, we take your privacy seriously.
We are committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation, looking after the personal information you share with us is very important and we want you to be confident that your personal data is kept safely and securely and to understand how we use it to offer you a better purchasing experience.

What we use your data for
When we know a bit about you, we can provide an easier purchasing experience for you. We like to think of us putting ourselves in your shoes to help achieve the best solution for you.

Here are some ways your information may be used:
• Ensuring that we contact you easily
• Providing information you may have requested or we feel may be relevant to you
• Analysing the performance of our adverts
• Assessing our sales / after sales services
• Improving our products / services

Data we collect
Any information that we have is most likely to have been provided by you. You may have filled out a form on our website or have phoned us and provided information via the telephone call.

Sharing your Data
Once you have purchased, we will need to share your data with relevant contractors in order to deliver your product, but they will only be receiving the relevant contact details. We also may use third parties to help us manage our advertising more effectively, and to help manage our customer relationships more efficiently.

Your rights
You can access your personal data or request for it to be deleted or updated at any point.

If you have any generally questions about your rights please contact with the subject line of ‘GDPR’.

Thank you for taking the time to read our policy.

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The British Holiday & Home Parks Association is the only organisation established exclusively to serve and represent the interests of the parks industry in the UK. Membership is made up of the owners and managers of park home estates, touring and tenting parks, caravan holiday home parks, chalet parks and all types of self-catering accommodation.

The UK Caravan Centre is proud to be a member of this organisation, it provides both our customers and retailers with confidence we are in a position to give the best advice and service possible.

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No you can not get a residential mortgage like you would on a house.

You can however get a loan from a bank which will have the best rates or we have a third party we can recommend :

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We have a decking company locally based in Essex that we use, and can recommend. They can supply and fit, we can arrange this for you so you do not have to lift a finger.

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Yes there are specific models which are wheel chair friendly. They will have features such as wider access ways throughout the home, wider doors (sometimes sliding), low threshold external doors, low level worktops, portable helper frames and full wet shower rooms.

If however you have other disabilities we can adapt the home to suit you and future proof the home so you will not have to change it going forward.

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No you can’t. Our showground is to come and view the home to either put on private land or a park, we can help you find a perfect spot for any of the static caravans we have here at Billericay.

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Mobile homes are generally timber frames buildings with a chassis base on wheels

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Siting, electric hook up, gas certification and connection, water connection, and annual gas certification. Some customers do some of these theirselves, but always with electric work and gas work , qualified engineers must do the job.

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A home is not called a mobile home for no reason. Yes you can move a mobile home……………..

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Yes this is possible subject to survey.

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Once the transporter has got to into a suitable location to offload the home, ramps will then be attached out the back to form a gentle slope from the trailer to the ground level. The home will then be gently guided down the ramps until it has reached ground level. It is then ready to be pulled into position with a 4×4 or tractor. If this is not possible, then there is the option that a crane could pick up the home straight from the trailer.

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New Holiday Homes – the removable contents carry 20% VAT (items such as white goods, sofas, and beds). And 5% VAT is applied to the remainder of the home. With new residential homes – 0% is applied to the home with the removable goods carrying 20% VAT. Mobile homes that have been occupied prior to April 2013 are treated at 0% VAT, and the removable goods may still carry VAT at 20%

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It varies depending on the manufacturers, if you are not quite ready to buy though we can advise you of any likely price changes.

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Many mobile homes feature Double Glazing and Central Heating. If you have both these features, it can still mean that the home doesn’t qualify to have the specification BS 3632, the Residential Specification. BS 3632 is a residential specification which means the mobile home is designed for residential use. However a mobile home can still have elements of this residential specification but doesn’t qualify as a BS 3632 home as the rooms have to be of a minimum size. The EN 1647 standard generally means that the mobile home won’t have as high grade of insulation level as the BS 3632. You can get a mobile home which is large enough be built in a BS 3632 spec also in EN 1647 spec. The EN 1647 standard generally means that the mobile home won’t have as high grade of insulation level as the BS 3632. You can get a mobile home which is large enough be built in a BS 3632 spec also in EN 1647 spec. There are also different grades of insulation, to make the home more suitable to what you are using it for, call our advisers to find the home that is right for you.

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Residential standard for a mobile home is regulated by the National Caravan Council. It will comply to the British Standards code BS 3632. This means the home has been specifically designed for all year round living.

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The UK Caravan Centre does not sell tourer caravans, we however sometimes will accept a tourer in part exchange. We do know of other reputable companies in the local area that sell tourers, new and used.

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You can move the static caravan or park home very slowly by a 4×4 of equivalent, but this is only meant to be for a few feet whilst pushing the home into position – a mobile home weighs roughly from 6 tonnes upwards so to hook on the back on most cars is impossible.

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Last updated 18/09/2019

We are excited to be attending the highly anticipated Caravan And Holiday Home Shows again this year, in Hull & Beaulieu. 

These are run by HERCMA (Hull & East Riding Caravan Manufacturers Association), and really are THE most fantastic events to view a huge selection of static caravans, luxury lodges, and mobile & park homes. In addition, there are many static caravan service providers & trade bodies in attendance. The best of the best will be on show, and all of the manufacturers will be showcasing their brand new 2020 models.

UK Caravan Centre static caravan mobile home show exhibition

The Lawns show in Cottingham

The Lawns show in Cottingham (HU16 5SQ) runs from 10am-5pm on 7th and 8th September, and will feature around 160 static caravans, lodges & park homes from the major manufacturers.

The Beaulieu Show

The Beaulieu show (SO42 7ZN) runs from 10am-5pm from 27th to 29th September, and will also feature the major manufacturers of quality mobile homes.

We are thrilled to be continuing our support of Delta Holiday Homes, Regal Holiday Homes & Atlas Leisure Homes.

There is free parking at both events.

No matter what your needs might be – if you are looking for a holiday home, or a static caravan for annexe accommodation, or staff/farm accommodation, whether you’re looking for a single unit or a double unit (twin lodge), there is such a wide range of models on offer, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill.

If you’d like to make an appointment to see us at either of these shows, or to visit our showground in Billericay, please call us on 0800 246 1206.  

We can offer a full turn-key service if required, we have a knowledgeable and friendly team, we stock new & pre-owned caravans to suit all budgets.

At the time of ‘addition of this information’ we currently have homes from Willerby, Carnaby, BK Bluebird as well as Delta, Regal & Atlas.

We look forward to seeing you soon. From all of us at The UK Caravan Centre

UK Caravan Centre static caravan mobile home show exhibitionUK Caravan Centre static caravan mobile home show exhibition

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Call us now to find out what we have in stock available for immediate delivery.

We have homes and productions slots booked in throughout the year, so give us a call to see what home we have to suit your requirements.

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We are very proud to display decking at our show ground, which is supplied by Class Act of the Mayfield Group

They have a broad range of stunning products which will not only stylishly complement your home but also will increase your living space area.

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We offer mobile homes Offsite, which means you are free to put them where ever you want, this could be on a farm, on a loved one’s piece of land, in a garden or onto a Caravan Park.

Caravan Parks need to charge more for the homes as they have large running costs that they need to cover, including the land itself.

Holiday Parks generally will not allow you to bring a Mobile Home to their site. Some smaller parks however may charge you a ‘bring on fee’ and this will vary.

The UK Caravan Centre has a large database of Caravan Parks in the South East so depending on what kind of park you might want to reside in we can help.

If you do like one of our homes, but are unsure if a park will allow you to bring on, we can always deal with the park on your behalf.

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The UK Caravan Centre, we currently do not provide finance but are looking into providing this facility, if you are buying on a Park they often have different packages.

If you are buying for private land, you cannot get a mortgage on a Mobile Home but there are specialist lenders that will Loan against the value of your new home. Please contact one our sales team for more information.

We always advise our customers to obtain insurance for protection. Please check the details to make sure you will meet the insurance requirements, i.e. for the wind protection insurance element you maybe required to chain down the home in all 4 corners.

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Here at The UK Caravan Centre, we are committed to offering the best value available in the UK. While we strive to do so by providing an unmatched range of products and excellent customer service, we also work hard to always be competitively priced. We are so confident that we are, we promise to match any advertised price inclusive of delivery costs from other UK retailers. We never want our customers to have to decide between what we feel is the best online retail experience in the market and a lower price. At UK Caravan Centre, we want you to have both the best shopping experience and the best prices!

What requirements must be met to have a price matched?

All of UK Caravan Centre’s Mobile Homes destined for delivery within the UK are eligible for a price match. However, the product offered elsewhere, its purchase price, and the competitor must meet the following criteria:

The competitor’s product must be identical as that offered at UKCC (e.g. same size, colour, specification, model year, etc.)

The competitor’s product must be in their stock (at their showground) at the time of the price matching

The competitor’s price must include delivery, or, if not, delivery costs will be added to the offer price to create a total price inclusive of delivery (delivery costs will be estimated using the competitor’s delivery policies based on that product alone being ordered)

The competitor’s price must be publicly advertised online and verifiable at the time of the price matching, and cannot include any volume, personal or membership discounts. We cannot match multi-item promotional offers like “buy one get one free” or bulk buying discounts

The competitor must be based in the UK and sell direct to consumers, e.g., no auction or marketplace sites like ebay or Amazon resellers. (If you have a price from an international retailer, we will still endeavour to match the price, but we cannot guarantee it – please ask!)

Note that no other promotional offers can be used with a product which is price matched. In other words, discount vouchers cannot be applied to price matched products to receive a further discount. We cannot retrospectively price match after the product has been ordered. We reserve the right to restrict the number of items which can be purchased at a matched price to that which can be reasonably expected to be for personal use – purchase of multiple items at a matched price will only be allowed at the discretion of UKCC’s customer service team.

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At the UK Caravan Centre, we ask for a minimum of 20% to secure your order. The order time depends but usually takes around 10-12weeks.

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“We purchased a Delta Superior mobile home from The UK Caravan Centre, and are really pleased with the service, and very happy in our new home.”

Charlie & Vivienne – Essex


“We’ve had our mobile home (Delta Resort Plus 29×12) since June 2015 and are still very please! The UK Caravan Centre was a great choice. Catherine especially was excellent, helping us choose the right home for our needs and assisting us with all the organisation. The mobile home itself is brilliant, incredibly spacious and modern. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

Danielle & Marcus – Tunbridge Wells, Kent


“As soon as we met the team at  UK Caravan we knew we were in good hands.  The team are incredibly knowledgeable and could answer the many questions and any of the concerns we had.  Their professionalism outshone any of the other caravan retailers we had previously met and there was always someone available to speak to in the time it took our caravan to arrive and following the delivery.  The quality of product that they suppled is proven, we have been living in our caravan for 8 months now whilst we complete a self-build and have not experienced any  issues whatsoever.”

Tim & Iona Young –  Berkshire, Reading

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All of our new homes come with a manufactuers warranty, this ranges from 12 months, for certain parts to 10 years, as like with a home different items have different warranties, such as white goods, windows, boilers etc.

If there does happen to be any after sales issues with your home (other than fair, wear and tear), we will make sure it is put right for you.

In some cases we do come and see you, we like to maintain a relationship with our customer after they have purchased a home from us, and seeing the problem in the flesh in our experience makes it a lot easier all round.

There are extended warranties available for items such as the boiler. If you would like more information, please give us a call.

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We are very proud to have been asked to be Delta Caravan’s Official Dealer.

We have a close working partnership with Delta, and feel that we are well equipped to help our customer’s choose the right home for them.

There are hidden advantages in buying through a dealer which otherwise may end up costing you a lot of money in the end. So although may seem slightly more expensive in the beginning it ends up being a lot cheaper

  • Dealer Expertise: For a start, dealers usually have access to greater technical and mechanical expertise than a private owner. At the UK Caravan Centre, we have expert knowledge how Delta’s caravans work, put together and all aspects of the home, delivery, siting and installation.
  • Warranties : Mobile home purchased from unauthorised dealers may not come with official warranties, meaning that if there are issues with the homes the consumer will be forced to pay for repairs that would otherwise fall within warranty coverage – or, in some instances, the dealer will offer their own warranty.
  • Better Selection: Finally, a dealer can offer a wide selection of Mobile Homes in one place, from one source. This cuts the work that a prospective buyer needs to do in looking through lots of advertisements and speaking to a number of different people. A dealer with his or her own premises should be able to show you a number of Mobile Homes that fit your budget and requirements.
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There are four costs in a mobile home; the Mobile Home, Transport, Siting, and Connections to Services.


Your Home



Mobile Homes unlike their name are not that mobile, they are transported around on a large HGV by specialised companies.

The UK Caravan Centre has partnerships with a selected few Caravan Transport companies which we entrust our mobile homes with.  Because each delivery is different we do not have a standard pricing structure for transportation. When a member of our team prepare your unique quotation several factors are taken into consideration including distance, size of home, tolls, ferry charges, escort cost and alternative routes due to the size of the load.

Please contact a member of the team for your personal transport quotation.



Once the HGV vehicle has unloaded your home in a suitable location, a siting team can then take over to pull the mobile home with a 4×4. Once the caravan is in your desired location, the home will then be jacked up and supports will be placed underneath the chassis where required. We can provide this service for you, the cost depends on how complex the job is.


Connections to services

The connections that you need to consider are the following:

  • The water supply to the home
  • The water / waste from the home – by connecting to the existing drains, or a cesspit.
  • Electrics – Once your home is in situ, a qualified electrician will then need to connect your home to your supply.
  • The Central Heating (if applicable) and the Hot Water are generally powered by LPG bottled gas. When you are ready for your home to be connected to the gas, you need to instruct a Gas Safe Engineer. Go to to find a local engineer to you.
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If you want the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have the hassle of selling your mobile home when you no longer need it, when you buy your home from us we can offer our ‘buy back service’ and agree a price to buy it back off you within a specific time frame.

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With Delta’s wealth of knowledge and expertise they have designed homes which will make a huge difference to a person’s ability to maintain a safe and independent lifestyle and enable them to carry out daily activities that may have been affected by various situations such as: frailty, ill health or a severe injury.

Such design features include:

  • Full wet room
  • Low level kitchen
  • Extra wide doors
  • Lino throughout, with no carpet bars
  • Reinforced hand rails

If there are any features you would like to include to make life easier for you or a loved one, simply give us a call, we will try to accommodate any requirement.

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Our caravans truly are a ‘home from home’, with optional features such as dishwashers, American style fridge freezers, wine coolers, and washer/ dryers. All our static caravans are well insulated and can be tailored to your needs, see Point 4  below for our insulation information

Here are the just some of uses and benefits of Mobile Home living:


Temporary Accommodation during Self Build Projects

  • Increased security
  • On site to make any decisions regarding your house project and to monitor the progress
  • No relocation for the family, kids are still the same distance to the schools, their friends etc..
  • You don’t have to struggle to find a suitable normal rental property if you have pets
  • If your project over runs then you don’t have to worry about paying more rent


Staff Accommodation

  • Increased security for your business
  • Your staff can live on site which is an attractive prospect for a lot of workers
  • You don’t have to struggle to find a suitable normal rental property, which may not even be close by


Granny Annex Accommodation

  • Want to be near your loved ones but still want your own independence?
  • You can live independently in your family’s garden (subject to your local authority’s approval)  but be near enough to the main home if assistance is required
  • Our homes are extremely comfortable and can be tailored as much as possible to suit your needs
  • Wheel chair friendly homes available
  • All one level living


Pre Home Owners

  • We are finding that with the on-going hike in house prices, people are struggling to buy their first brick built home. Many of our customers are buying a mobile home in order to achieve their living space and putting it on family’s land.
  • Affordable housing
  • Have your own space
  • If you are putting it private land, you won’t have the mortgage repayments to keep on top of


Park Home Residents

  • Some of our customers are investing in purchasing a mobile home to enjoy the park life, whether it is as a second home or as their main residence. Call us if you would like us to help you find a park.
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Many mobile homes feature Double Glazing and Central Heating. If you have both these features, it can still mean that the home doesn’t qualify to have the specification BS 3632, the Residential Specification. BS 3632 is a residential specification which means the mobile home is designed for residential use. However a mobile home can still have elements of this residential specification but doesn’t qualify as a BS 3632 home as the rooms have to be of a minimum size.

The EN 1647 standard generally means that the mobile home won’t have as high grade of insulation level as the BS 3632. You can get a mobile home which is large enough be built in a BS 3632 spec also in EN 1647 spec.

There are also different grades of insulation, to make the home more suitable to what you are using it for, call our advisers to find the home that is right for you.

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Many of our customers buy a mobile home for just that, whether they need it for temporary living during a self build or are buying it for their retired parents who would like to be closer to the family for occasional assistance. The insulation can be increased to a residential spec if you want it extra warm, but many of our customers are happy with the standard specification that the mobile homes come in.


See Section 4) for the many benefits of living in a mobile home:

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Essentially there is no difference between a static caravan and a mobile home. Some people use the term mobile home to describe Park Homes, whilst static caravans are normally referred to when discussing holiday parks.

A mobile home (also static caravan, caravan, trailer, trailer home, house trailer) is a prefabricated structure, built in a factory on a permanently attached chassis before being transported to site.

Used as permanent homes, for holiday, temporary accommodation, staff accommodation and emergency housing they are left often permanently or semi-permanently in one place, but can be moved.

When a home arrives in two sections, it is typically called a ‘twin unit’.

Click here to view our mobile homes

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