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Ensuring Safety and Quality in Caravans – EN1647 & BS3632

European & British Standards – EN1647 & BS3632 – Ensuring Safety and Quality in Caravans

In many countries, including European countries, there are standards and regulations in place to ensure the safety and quality of static caravans. These standards typically cover aspects such as construction, safety, and environmental considerations, and serve as a benchmark for the caravan industry, promoting consistency and uniformity in design and construction practices, and ensuring the units are safe for dwelling.

EN 1647

EN1647 is the European standard for static caravans, which are intended for shorter-term, or seasonal holiday use – ‘recreational vehicles’ or ‘holiday homes’. This is because the EN1647 standard generally means that the mobile home won’t have an as high grade of insulation level and build quality as the BS3632 standards, but does cover specifications including (but not limited to):

Habitation requirements: This standard focuses on the requirements for the habitation areas of caravans, including features such as layout, ventilation, lighting, heating, and amenities. It aims to ensure the comfort and functionality of the living space within the caravan.

Chassis requirements – It aims to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the caravan’s chassis.


BS 3632

BS 3632, also known as British Standard 3632, is a certification standard first published in 1963 specifically related to residential park homes, caravans and lodges. This standard, more recently updated to BS 3632:2015, sets out the requirements for the design, construction, and performance of these types of accommodation units, and is much more stringent than the EN1647 guidelines.

Key Requirements of BS 3632:

Structural Integrity: BS 3632 specifies the structural requirements for static caravans, including guidelines for the chassis, frame, walls, and roof. These requirements ensure that the units are built to withstand transportation, installation, and the demands of long-term use.

Thermal Performance: The standard addresses thermal insulation and energy efficiency to ensure that mobile homes provide a comfortable living environment throughout the year, also including criteria for ventilation and heat loss prevention.

Fire Safety: BS 3632 includes requirements for fire resistance to enhance the safety of occupants. This involves the use of fire-resistant materials and construction techniques, as well as guidelines for the installation of smoke detectors and fire alarms.

Ventilation and Air Quality: The standard emphasizes the importance of proper ventilation and air quality. It specifies requirements for air exchange rates, ventilation openings, and the prevention of condensation to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Electrical and Gas Systems: BS 3632 covers the installation, operation, and maintenance of electrical and gas systems. It includes regulations for wiring, circuit protection, gas appliances, and compliance with relevant safety standards.

Size and Layout: The standard provides guidelines for the size and layout of park homes and holiday lodges to ensure they offer suitable and functional living spaces. This includes requirements for room dimensions, ceiling heights, and the provision of essential facilities.

EN1647 example static caravan

Benefits of BS 3632 Certification:

Quality Assurance: By adhering to BS 3632, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to meeting high-quality standards. The certification assures buyers that the units have been designed and constructed according to rigorous requirements, resulting in durable and well-built accommodation.

Safety and Comfort: Compliance with BS 3632 ensures that park homes and holiday lodges meet essential safety and performance criteria, all of which contribute to the safety and comfort of residents.

Compliance with Regulations: BS 3632 certification helps manufacturers and suppliers meet legal and regulatory requirements and ensures the units comply with relevant building codes and industry standards.

Consumer Confidence: The BS 3632 certification provides potential buyers with confidence in the quality and safety of the static caravan. It serves as a reliable indicator that the units have undergone thorough testing and inspection, reassuring consumers about their investment.

Ultimately, with the BS 36362, by adhering to this certification standard, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to delivering well-built, energy-efficient, and comfortable accommodations, and buyers can trust that their chosen units meet rigorous requirements and provide a safe and enjoyable living environment.



Both quality standards play a vital role in ensuring the safety, quality, and performance of mobile homes, but the scope of each varies depending on the likely use of the caravan, whether it be intended more for short-term/holiday use, or for longer-term residential use. Both offer buyers confidence that their purchase will be a quality product.

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