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NCC : What Does the NCC Approved Badge Mean


The NCC (National Caravan Council) has a crucial role to play in promoting best practice, helping members become more competitive and formulating effective public policy and delivery. Their website states “We are the united voice of the reputable businesses in our industry when talking to government and regulatory bodies. We quickly disseminate information to our members to protect their business interests and to give them a commercial edge.”

The NCC provides a wide range of benefits to members including services that keep them informed of the latest technical advances and the changes to legislation that drive this industry forward; benefits that have been designed with business needs in mind.

– Best practice
– Government Relations
– Statistics & Market
– Business Support
– Legal & Finance Assistance
– Technical Standards & Regulations
– Work in Europe

As the retailer, the UK Caravan Centre is responsible to ensure that every Leisure Vehicle (Tourer, Motorhome, Holiday Home) sold is SAFE and fit for purpose.  NCC Logo

So how do you know that what is being sold or let is safe? The short answer is that if it carries the ‘NCC Approved’ badge, you can be sure it complied with all the industry construction regulations and standards current at the time when the Leisure Vehicle left the manufacturer’s factory. That independent reassurance is invaluable to the retail business and customer alike.

There are quite literally hundreds of regulations and standards governing Leisure Vehicles, many of which are concerned with safety and not covered under the Road Vehicle Type Approval process. There is no regulatory approval process (National Type Approval for Road Vehicles does not cover habitation – the accommodation parts of a caravan) for checking compliance with these standards and the legislation. Therefore the NCC does this job, working with many partners (British and European standards organisations, Health & Safety Executive, Gas Safe, Fire Inspectorate etc.) to ensure the industry’s products comply and are safe.

The NCC Manufacturers’ Approval Scheme imposes a strict inspection regime on manufacturers to provide consumer protection over and above the requirements of the British/European standards. Every unit that has been approved is licensed to carry an NCC Approved Badge. A certificate is also issued to the consumer detailing the specification of the model that was inspected and approved.

Inspections are conducted on-site at a manufacturer’s premises and depending upon specification, there may be 500 to 600 individual points checked on any one unit. This inspection process is complemented by unannounced surveillance checks at the factory to ensure that the products continue to comply with the relevant criteria. As such, the badge provides a reliable benchmark by which product liability can be measured.

The emphasis of the scheme is on consumer safety and its objective is to ensure the UK Leisure Vehicle industry exceeds the fundamental criteria for products to be safe and fit for their purpose. Its independent verification provides the retailer with essential reassurance that a product meets the recognised criteria and the scheme itself is a crucial element of the good reputation of the industry.

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