Cladding Options

We at the UK Caravan Centre offer a wide range of exterior colour options on your home, so if you want a modern look to your home by choosing a custom cladding exterior, with different colour window frames. Or if your home needs to fit into its surrounds. We will have an option that suits you.

At the forefront of Lodge & Holiday Home design and meeting the demands for a better quality and more practical product to replace the traditional aluminium cladding. We offer a wide range of different cladding options using the latest technology to bring benefits to you by way of lower noise transfer, no maintenance, better insulation and high durability.

The hard surface is very resistant to impacts and scratches, unlike aluminium, and is easy to clean. No regular maintenance is necessary, compared to wood-based cladding which requires surface treatment on a recurring basis, and it is of course moisture and pest resistant.

Give us a call for a quote and to discuss your options.