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To help you find the perfect Holiday Home on the perfect park, for you and your family.

Cliff House Holiday Caravan Park At The UK Caravan Centre, we provide static caravans and lodges for every occasion, including the perfect holiday home allowing you to relax and unwind and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Whether you are looking to locate your holiday home by the lakes or beaches or simply in the middle of the countryside to get away from it all, our extensive network of contacts will enable us to identify the perfect park for you.

If you  have been wanting to purchase a holiday home for some time but have been delaying as you thought it would be too complex or stressful, there really is no need to delay; we take care of all practicalities and planning so that you don’t have to worry.

You can simply sit back and look forward to spending your very first holiday in your own luxury home.

Get in touch now and let us find the perfect holiday accommodation for you.

Let us do the hard work so you don’t have to

Eastern Beach Caravan Holiday ParkPro’s and Con’s of Owning a Static Caravan on a Holiday Home Park

Pros to owning a static caravan

You feel like you’re on holiday

You leave your life admin at home

Being able to leave your belongings in your caravan makes weekends away so easy

Getting to know the area really makes it feel like a second home

Leaving food and drink in the fridge and freezer makes it even easier to get away

You can add personal touches like flowers in your garden, decorate your caravan and add your photos and trinkets

You can leave equipment like fishing rods, bikes, scooters, surf boards, kayaks, boats etc.

It’s simple living at its finest

You can bring guests and allow family to use your static caravan

Getting to know your neighbours and feeling a sense of community around your caravan is lovely.

If you use it regularly, it’s great value for money.

There’s nothing stopping you using it for the entire season (ours is March-October)

A static caravan could be an additional income stream

There’s very little maintenance

It makes you appreciate your own home more

Cons to owning a static caravan on a Holiday Home Park

The price

Rentals can have downfalls

Each weekend away can be expensive

You end up with a double social life

Teenagers might not want to be away from their friends all the time

You’re stuck in one place

Would you rather have one holiday and two weekends away?

You do need to ‘winter proof’ your caravan

Credit :  TheTravelHack 

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