Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Park Prices Higher Than Ours?

We offer mobile homes Offsite, which means you are free to put them where ever you want, this could be on a farm, on a loved one’s piece of land, in a garden or onto a Caravan Park.

Caravan Parks need to charge more for the homes as they have large running costs that they need to cover, including the land itself.

Holiday Parks generally will not allow you to bring a Mobile Home to their site. Some smaller parks however may charge you a ‘bring on fee’ and this will vary.

The UK Caravan Centre has a large database of Caravan Parks in the South East so depending on what kind of park you might want to reside in we can help.

If you do like one of our homes, but are unsure if a park will allow you to bring on, we can always deal with the park on your behalf.

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