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What Other Costs Need to Be Considered When Purchasing a Mobile Home?

There are four costs in a mobile home; the Mobile Home, Transport, Siting, and Connections to Services.


Your Home



Mobile Homes unlike their name are not that mobile, they are transported around on a large HGV by specialised companies.

The UK Caravan Centre has partnerships with a selected few Caravan Transport companies which we entrust our mobile homes with.  Because each delivery is different we do not have a standard pricing structure for transportation. When a member of our team prepare your unique quotation several factors are taken into consideration including distance, size of home, tolls, ferry charges, escort cost and alternative routes due to the size of the load.

Please contact a member of the team for your personal transport quotation.



Once the HGV vehicle has unloaded your home in a suitable location, a siting team can then take over to pull the mobile home with a 4×4. Once the caravan is in your desired location, the home will then be jacked up and supports will be placed underneath the chassis where required. We can provide this service for you, the cost depends on how complex the job is.


Connections to services

The connections that you need to consider are the following:

  • The water supply to the home
  • The water / waste from the home – by connecting to the existing drains, or a cesspit.
  • Electrics – Once your home is in situ, a qualified electrician will then need to connect your home to your supply.
  • The Central Heating (if applicable) and the Hot Water are generally powered by LPG bottled gas. When you are ready for your home to be connected to the gas, you need to instruct a Gas Safe Engineer. Go to to find a local engineer to you.
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