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What Are the Benefits of Buying Through a Official Dealer?

We are very proud to have been asked to be Delta Caravan’s Official Dealer.

We have a close working partnership with Delta, and feel that we are well equipped to help our customer’s choose the right home for them.

There are hidden advantages in buying through a dealer which otherwise may end up costing you a lot of money in the end. So although may seem slightly more expensive in the beginning it ends up being a lot cheaper

  • Dealer Expertise: For a start, dealers usually have access to greater technical and mechanical expertise than a private owner. At the UK Caravan Centre, we have expert knowledge how Delta’s caravans work, put together and all aspects of the home, delivery, siting and installation.
  • Warranties : Mobile home purchased from unauthorised dealers may not come with official warranties, meaning that if there are issues with the homes the consumer will be forced to pay for repairs that would otherwise fall within warranty coverage – or, in some instances, the dealer will offer their own warranty.
  • Better Selection: Finally, a dealer can offer a wide selection of Mobile Homes in one place, from one source. This cuts the work that a prospective buyer needs to do in looking through lots of advertisements and speaking to a number of different people. A dealer with his or her own premises should be able to show you a number of Mobile Homes that fit your budget and requirements.
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