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What Is A Turnkey Service? And How Can We Help?

If you have taken the first step by deciding to purchase a mobile home, whether it be for a holiday home or annexe accommodation, or perhaps for staff accommodation or temporary accommodation during a self-build project, the chances are that you will want to speak to someone first about whether or not it is possible, and you may have concerns about all the different factors to be considered.

This is where a ‘Turnkey service’ can be of benefit – to have a friendly and knowledgeable team to assist with all aspects of the purchase from start to finish.

‘Turnkey service’ refers to a type of service or project that is fully completed and ready to use by the customer without any additional work or effort required on their part. In other words, the service provider or contractor delivers a complete and functioning product (such as a static caravan) or service, which is ready to be “turned on” and used immediately by the client.

A turnkey service typically includes everything necessary to deliver a complete solution, including design, development, testing, installation, and support. This can include hardware, software, and other necessary components, as well as any necessary training, documentation, and ongoing support.

Turnkey services are often used in complex projects or systems where there are many different components that need to be integrated and tested to ensure everything works together seamlessly. This approach can save the customer time and effort by providing a complete solution that they can start using right away, without having to worry about managing multiple vendors or contractors.

Examples of turnkey services include construction projects, where a contractor provides a fully finished building that is ready to use, or software development projects, where a vendor delivers a fully functional software solution that is ready to be deployed and used by the customer.

2024 Delta Stratford lodge twin unit static caravan mobile home

In relation to the purchase of a static caravan, here at The UK Caravan Centre we are able to get you up and running from the very first step of choosing & ordering your mobile home (with any bespoke changes that may be available), right through to arranging delivery and siting, so your caravan is in position and ready for connections, and many years of enjoyment.
Buying a static caravan is often a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we are delighted that through our many years of experience we are able to assist customers navigate the purchase process at every step of the way.

Please give us a call on 0800 246 1206 to discuss all the many ways we can assist, or submit your details below:

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