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Access Considerations When Buying a Static Caravan

The Access Considerations When Buying a Static Caravan

No matter whether you need a static caravan for annexe accommodation, a holiday home, staff accommodation, or any other use, there are some important practicalities to be considered before you take the plunge & purchase.  Some of these considerations are covered in our FAQs, and this article will focus specifically on access issues.

When delivering a static caravan, access issues can refer to any obstacles that may prevent the caravan from being easily delivered to its intended location. Here are some common access issues that may arise when delivering a static caravan:

  1. Narrow access points: If the access point leading to the intended location is narrow, it may be difficult for the delivery vehicle to navigate through. This can be a particular issue if there are sharp turns or obstacles such as trees, fences, parked cars or buildings in the way.
  2. Low bridges or overhangs: If there are low bridges or overhangs on the route to the intended location (such as trees, electric wires etc.), the caravan may be too tall to pass through safely. This can be a particular issue if the caravan is being transported on a flatbed or low loader trailer.
  3. Steep gradients: If the route to the intended location involves steep gradients or hills, this can be challenging for the delivery vehicle to negotiate, particularly when considering how heavy the load is.
  4. Limited turning space: If there is limited space to turn the delivery vehicle and caravan around once it arrives at the intended location, this can make delivery difficult or even impossible.
  5. Ground conditions: If the ground leading to the intended location is soft or unstable, this can make it prohibitive for the delivery lorry and caravan to pass through safely. This can be particularly challenging if the weather has been wet or if the ground is uneven.

What is a Site Survey and How Can One Help?

To understand access issues when delivering a static caravan, it is important to thoroughly assess the route to the intended location and identify any potential hazards that may need to be overcome before a purchase is made. This can involve carrying out a site survey to determine the suitability of the access route and identify any necessary modifications or adaptations that may need to be made, and it is a task that our UK Caravan Centre team are able to assist with.

We always recommend consulting with an experienced caravan delivery & siting specialist who can provide guidance prior to purchase, and support throughout the delivery process.  This will allow you to make an informed decision about what size caravan can be safely delivered to your location, and can fit into the intended plot.

A site surveyor will carry out the process of collecting and analysing information about the route to, and the specific location or site. This will allow for informed decisions to be made about the size, delivery, and installation of a mobile home at that location.

A site survey typically involves a physical visit to the site by an expert who will examine and document various aspects of the route and the site. This can include gathering information about the site’s topography, soil composition, environmental conditions, driving restrictions, tolls, escort requirements, and other factors that could impact the choice of static caravan being considered and the delivery thereof.

Overall, a site survey is an important step in the planning process for the purchase of any mobile home. It allows for the identification of potential challenges and helps to ensure that the decision-making is fully informed, and the purchase and delivery can be executed in a way that is safe, achievable and cost-effective.  Our team at The UK Caravan Centre can make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that a site survey can be carried out in a timely fashion, thus allowing peace-of-mind to order the best possible caravan, and we always have a superb range of homes available to choose from.

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