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Living in a Caravan On Site During your House Build

Living in a Caravan On Site During your House Build

There are huge benefits to be staying on site during your self build. Living in a mobile home can not only be cost effective but allows you to be on site for security and key decision making.

If you are considering renovating your property, or building a brand-new house, there is no need to worry about relocating your family or even your animals.

Benefits of Living on Site

Live in a comfortable dust free environment

  • House renovations can be incredibly dusty and dirty, you have the benefit of leaving the chaos in your building site, and not having to sleep in it!


Fantastic security for materials and tools

  • Good deterrent for burglars

Cost effective

  • You can spend as little as £8,000 for a pre-owned Double Glazed and Centrally Heated Home, see our home page for your current choice of homes UK Caravan Centre: Find Your Ideal Static Caravan. Typical house rental prices can easily be £1500 per month, for a minimum of 6 months, maybe even a year, so that could be a financial commitment of £18,000. Not only can the mobile home be cheaper, but it will also have a residual value at the end of your project, giving you some of your money back.
  • No cost penalties from your landlord if your build project goes over your deadline.
  • You will not feel the pressure the move back to your main residence before your new home is ready.


Keep a close eye on your build project.

There will be a lot of decisions that will need to be made to make sure your house project is going the way you would like it to be, if you are on site, you are there to see what is physically going on which will help make that next choice a lot easier.


Other costs to be aware of

Transport and Siting

These costs can vary depending on the distance travelled, size of the home, and what is involved at the delivery end. Typically, a transport cost is around £1000-2000, and siting which involves levelling the home is on average another £1250 including support stands.

Connections to your Services

In order for the static caravan to be a fully functioning home, you will need to arrange for services to be brought the caravan, these are electricity, water and drainage. (Heating, hot water and cooking appliances will typically run off LPG cylinders.)

Access Requirements

Finally, you will need to consider access. You will need to consider the access route, and any ‘pinch points’ which may hinder the home being able to be delivered into your desired location. If you are unsure, we can help and offer a ‘site survey’ and come out to your property to carry out a professional assessment and give you your size limit for the home.

Finding the Right Caravan

There are plenty of options to choose from to suit your circumstances. We always have a fantastic range of pre-owned and new homes to consider for your accommodation during your self build UK Caravan Centre: Find Your Ideal Static Caravan – Mobile Home.

As with most things in life, the amount you are willing to spend will determine what you get in terms of size, décor, condition and contents.

If you need any guidance on any of the above, we are here to listen and help you choose the right home for you and your situation.

Give us a call on 01277 653593 or fill in your details below:

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