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Introducing Sandra, the New Sales Director of Carnaby

We would like to introduce Sandra, Sales Director of Carnaby

Sandra Carter sales director of Carnaby caravans


Sandra, how did you originally get into the caravan industry?

I married into it my husband and I lived in Poole, My Husband worked for CI  caravan international , when the country hit a down turn we decided to go to a sister company in SA in 1980 , stayed there for 4.5 years came back to Poole and Rae started a job at BK where he eventually became director .


How did you come to work at Carnaby Caravans?

As you know the industry is a small cottage industry everyone knows each other , I was offered a sales role in 2006 where I was employed as an area manager.


What would you say are 3 things that motivate you the most?

I Believe in what Carnaby produce,  enjoy my role enormously, work with an amazing  team.


What are your Hobbies?

I have little time , as my home life has changed due to my husbands stroke, but I would say having quality time with grandchildren and entertaining at home when we can.


Covid was a trying time for all companies, what challenges did you / or the caravan industry face  and how did you overcome them?

It was challenging for everyone , but I would say Carnaby made a conscious decision to work to our strengths, we only took orders we could achieve, we were honest with our suppliers only placed orders for materials to complete orders, paid our suppliers on time to make sure when we got back to normal production they remembered who worked in partnership with them.


Why do you think Delta has remained so successful for so long ?

Don’t know about Delta but Carnaby has been going since 1976, I believe because we are privately owned we make the decisions based on what is right for Carnaby and our customers we are not, a company where computer says no, we value  each and every customer, we get to know them and their park, its important to us whether you have 10 pitches or a 100 pitches .

You get the same level of respect and service from our team.


How do you see the Mobile Home market changing in the next 5 years?

I have been around a number of years seen the highs and lows , this time is no different , its back to basics call on your customers listen to what is going on around you , work in partnership between park and manufacturer , the end user will always love a holiday home it is with out doubt  the one place a family feels safe with their children , from the minute you turn that key you are on holiday, this is priceless.

Good old fashion quality time with your loved ones and friends, to this day regardless of any financial gains you may have , a caravan holiday is still one of the easiest stays, hassle free holidays you can have.

At The UK Caravan Centre we have a wide range of New Carnaby homes available, click here or call our Sales Team on 0800 2461206 to find out more.


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