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How to site a Static Caravan or Lodge

Siting a caravan can be a daunting thing. Of course it is best to get a professional to do it, but if you feel brave enough, please see below some tips of how to site your Static Caravan or Lodge.

1.Choose a location: Select a location for your static caravan that is level and has good drainage. You will also need to consider the proximity to utilities and amenities, as well as any local building regulations or restrictions.

2. Prepare the ground: Before placing your static caravan on the site, you will need to prepare the ground by removing any debris, levelling the area, and installing a base or foundation. This will help ensure that the caravan is stable and secure.

3. Transport the caravan: Once the site is prepared, you will need to transport the caravan to the location. This may require the use of a special trailer or truck.

4. Install utilities: You will need to install utilities, such as electricity and water, to your static caravan. This will typically require the services of a professional.

5.Secure the caravan: Once the caravan is in place, you will need to secure it to the ground using anchors or tie-downs. This will help prevent the caravan from moving or shifting in strong winds or storms.

6. Finalize the setup: Once the caravan is secured and the utilities are installed, you can finalize the setup by adding any additional features or amenities, such as steps or a deck.

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