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Owning a Caravan on a Holiday Park : Pro’s and Con’s

All the pros and cons of a static caravan on a holiday park 


Owning a static caravan is a dream for many people, the idea of being able to go on holiday whenever you like to a place that you have made into a second home is a lovely idea. As with any big purchase or investment, there are points to consider first, especially when it comes to buying a static caravan, there are many pros and cons.


The benefits of owning a static caravan


Location: Buying a static caravan somewhere that you love going and staying, means you can go there more often, really whenever you want. So, the flexibility and privilege of being able to go on a holiday or short break whenever you fancy it is a massive bonus. There is no need to book or check in and check out like with a hotel or bed and breakfast.


Meet friendly, likeminded people: One of the great benefits of owning a static caravan in a holiday park is meeting likeminded people just like you.  People tend to make firm friends at caravan parks because you get to know your neighbours, and everyone is after a similar quality of holiday and relaxation, so a sense of community is often built. There are different types of parks that cater to different needs, so for example if you have a family and young child, you can choose somewhere that has adequate facilities and where other young families are. Similarly, if you are older, want to relax more and enjoy the peace and solitude that can come with caravan holidays, then there are parks that will offer this as well and be more appropriate.


Quality guaranteed: Because the static home is yours, and is indeed a home away from home, you know what condition it will be in and how clean and well-kept it will be. This is a big bonus and also means there will be no unpleasant surprises.


Rental income: It is possible to rent out your static caravan, and therefore earn a second income whilst the caravan is not being used by you. This isn’t for everyone, as most people prefer to keep it for their use only, and you would have to check with the caravan park that it is ok, but some people do it and earn some extra money this way.


Making memories: Whilst the initial investment in a static caravan can seem a lot, try not to lose sight of why you are making the purchase. The ability to make memories with your family and go on holiday whenever you like is arguably priceless and think of the money you will save in the long term on holidays and hotels as well.


The downside of owning a static caravan 


Whilst all the above points are true, there are things to really think about before you make your purchase – financial and practical points. For example:


Costs: Whilst you have the cost of purchasing the caravan itself, there are also lots of annual costs that you need to factor in. These include:

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  • Site fees: This is what enables you to house your static caravan at the caravan park. These can vary dramatically from £2,000 a year to £10,000 a year or more. However, do not fall into the pitfall of just going for the cheapest one, as it may not be right for your needs, so some time to research what site is best for you and the cost associated with it will be needed.
  • Maintenance costs: For example, you will need to pay for gas and electricity, which you usually need to buy from the caravan park itself. It’s important to know that this does not come as part of the site fee which some people initially think it does, so this is an additional cost.
  • Repairs: You should factor in the cost of repairs every year. Whilst hopefully there wouldn’t be many, the UK weather can be unpredictable, so some weather damage may happen for example. Having a kitty for any repairs is a sensible move.
  • Insurance: Static caravan insurance is not a legal requirement, but it really does make sense to consider getting it. Even as an additional cost it can still give you peace of mind, especially as your static caravan will have your valuables and contents in it when you are there. Similarly, the insurance policy can provide peace of mind when you are not at the caravan as well.


The same location: You could feel tied in to going to the caravan for your holidays so that you get the most from your investment. It may be that after a while you want a change of scenery or want to go on a completely different holiday but feel restricted by owning the static caravan and the associated costs. This is one of the reasons you need to give it some serious thought and make sure that the park that houses your caravan is somewhere you really want to stay and keep going back to.


Making friends: Whilst lots of people do get on with their static caravan neighbours, because you want a similar type of holiday, you may also simply not get on and may not want to socialise with them for example. This is just something to consider as it can happen from time to time.


Depreciation: Caravan depreciation is a complex issue. They do depreciate and at an average of 15% a year, very much like a car. This is one reason why many seasoned caravan owners say it is best to not look at the caravan as an investment that you can sell on and make a profit from, more that it will provide a great way to create memories and have enjoyable holidays over the years. There is nothing you can do to stop the depreciation; the best thing is to just keep it in good condition and well maintained so it looks as fresh as possible.


Selling your static caravan: This is something that can be particularly tricky for many reasons. Firstly, some caravan parks insist on having first refusal if you plan to sell. This could mean that you end up selling for a price that you aren’t happy with, but unfortunately this is something that can often pop up in caravan site contracts, so it is worth looking into this before you sign, just so you know what you are dealing with.


To get a no biased price check out as they can also be difficult to sell because some caravan parks will not allow caravans on site that are over ten years old for example, so this means passing it on can be difficult. Also because of the depreciation point we mention above, it is very unlikely you will make a profit from selling a caravan on as well.


Hopefully the points to think about in this article will help you on your static caravan purchasing journey, but always take your time to think through the pros, cons and costs and think about insuring your caravan to provide peace of mind. Get in touch with the UK Caravan Centre, to discuss any of your purchase choices: or check out of our homes by clicking here.



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